Three Sustainability Trends That Could Save You Big Bucks

Find out how a few outdoor companies are going green and saving green at the same time. And you can too.

By Lorna Caputo November 2, 2016

A commitment to sustainable business isn’t just a nice-to-have anymore; it’s becoming a must-have with the growing concerns around climate change and outdoor consumers’ demand for more sustainable products and business practices. Members of OIA’s Sustainability Working Group, including KEEN Footwear, prAna and REI, have been focused on collaborating and using the Higg Index and its tools to implement better business practices throughout their supply chains. Their goals are to help the outdoor industry cut down on costs, operate more efficiently and protect our outdoor playground.

Part 1: Keen’s Supply Chain Detox

Part 2: prAna Becomes a Polybag Hero

Part 3: REI Cuts Down on Fabric

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