The #Parks4Kids 'Regions That Rock' Video Challenge

By Katie Boué April 1, 2016

In celebration of the centennial, OIA and Outdoor Foundation launched the Parks4Kids campaign to fund trips that get fourth-graders outdoors. Now we’re challenging all our members to donate during the #Parks4Kids Regions that Rock video challengean industry-wide social media competition challenging outdoor companies and community members like you to see who can get the most kids outside.   

The region that generates the most financial support for Parks4Kids projects will be crowned the ‘Region that Rocks’ and earn an additional $1,000 and the winning region will be announced at the closing ceremony during the OIA Capitol Summit on April 27th. 

Getting involved is easy:

  • Pick your region, and donate to Parks4Kids here.
  • Just post a video of yourself outdoors on Facebook (or Instagram, or Twitter), and let us know how much you’re donating.
  • Don’t forget to: include the #Parks4Kids hashtag in your caption, then upload to social media and tag who you’re challenging + Outdoor Industry Association. 
  • Send the challenge along to your colleagues and friends–help us get the entire outdoor community involved.

Did you know? It only costs $10 to get a child outside. That means if you donate $20, you get 2 kids outdoors, $50 = 5 kids, and $100 = 10 kids outdoors. 

Watch a sample video from OIA-er Gareth Martins:

Here’s an example of the video script:

Hi, I’m [your name] with [your outdoor brand] and I want to see more kids outside–so I’m doing the #Parks4Kids ‘Regions That Rock’ Challenge to support the [pick your area] region. Outdoor Industry Association and Outdoor Foundation are challenging the outdoor industry to see who can help get the most kids outside, so I’m donating [$10, $20, $100] which will get [1, 2, 10]  kids outdoors.

I’m challenging [name] with [brand],[name] with [brand], and [name] with [brand] to step up and donate too–you have 24 hours to get out and make your own video.

Tips for Filming Your Video

  • Have fun–there’s no pressure. It’s as easy as whipping out your phone and pressing ‘record’, whether you’re in your backyard, out on a ski lift, hiking a neighborhood trail, or halfway up a climbing route.
  • Remember to shoot horizontally.
  • Don’t forget to include #Parks4Kids in your caption, and tag your three nominees for the challenge.
  • Tag OIA too! Find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

If you have questions about shooting your video or want to know more about how you can support Parks4Kids through social media, send an e-mail to