Party For a Purpose: The Inside Scoop on Outsiders Ball

Every year, the outdoor industry's best party gets bigger and better. But what happens there doesn't stay there. Funds raised at the party support incredible youth programs across the country. Read all about them and then add your name to the guest list. You don't want to be the only person not there, do you?

March 24, 2017

You’ve heard about Outsiders Ball. Maybe you’ve even attended a time or two. But did you realize that the event is a fundraiser? You could be forgiven for missing that important point given how un-fundraiser-y it feels. Last year, alone, more than 1,000 of your peers attended the party and raised more than $200,000. That money goes straight to best-in-class outdoor projects and programs that get youth outside.

Download the 2016 Outsiders Ball Impact Report

And since it’s the industry’s money, the Outdoor Foundation works hard to make sure those giving the dollars have a say in how they’re used. From brands like Levi’s that sponsor the ball itself to local retail shops, such as Jackson Hole’s Skinny Skis, that nominate worthy youth programs in their area to receive the funds, Outsiders Ball is a sort of closed-loop giving opportunity. In other words: What goes around comes around. Money raised through the Outsiders Ball goes to programs that create more outdoorists who, in turn, will come back again and again to participate in outdoor adventures. 

Want to sponsor the ball or nominate a program to receive the funds? Reach out to Ryan Lauer at Outdoor Foundation

In most cases, the kids impacted by these programs wouldn’t otherwise have opportunities to get outside in such meaningful and life-altering ways. Here are just a few of the programs funded over the past few years.

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The charitable arm of the Outdoor Industry Association, the Outdoor Foundation is dedicated to inspiring and empowering a new generation of outdoor enthusiasts. The Outdoor Foundation is the national non-profit supporting and investing in next-gen outdoor champions and best-in-class outdoor projects. Do you know of a program and organization in your area that deserves funding to get more kids outside? Click here to nominate them or to sign up to sponsor the 2017 Outsiders Ball.