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Tap Into the Talent of the Millennial Generation

The Millennial generation is bringing a new set of rules to the hiring game. Roy Notowitz, founder of NotoGroup, and his “millennial sidekick” Sara Schneider are ready to help you understand how to utilize Millennials’ tremendous assets and make your jobs/workplace appealing to them in this Thursday’s OIA Outdoor University® webinar: The Five Maxims for Hiring Millennials.

“According to Nick Shore, SVP of strategic consumer insights and research at MTV, “Millennials are not just a more voluminous generation than Boomers, but better educated, more self-esteemed, more demanding, more technologically savvy, more empowered and wired to win at the game of life.” As this generation climbs the corporate ladder, their expectations and abilities are sure to reshape the organizations they aspire to lead.

To some, the Millennials’ ambition may seem unrealistic and impatient. Cali Williams Yost counters, “Millennials watched the concept of work and career change fundamentally.” Their aspirations are simply the product of the market from which they emerged. ‘Unrealistic’ may be an unfair label. The rules of employment have changed, so Millennial behavior and expectations are shifting, too.

Shifting, indeed. Pew Research articulates this group’s mercurial tendencies; “Members of this generation are far more likely than members of others to say they will one day be working for someone other than their current employers. Nearly six-in-ten younger workers (57 percent) say it is not very likely or not likely at all that they will stay with their current employers for the remainder of their working lives. Among Gen X workers, those numbers are virtually reversed: A 62 percent majority say it’s likely they will never leave their current employers.” With a well-earned reputation for job-hopping, what are we to make of this generation as it enters the executive echelons?

Read more of at Notogroup.com/blog and join Roy and Sara on Thursday, February 2, for The Five Maxims for Hiring Millennials. REGISTER NOW.

If you are unable to attend the live session, it will be recorded and available for on-demand viewing at outdoorindustry.org/ou.