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October 16, 2017


OIA Sustainability Working Group – Sustainability Snapshot

Week of October 16, 2017

Higg FEM 3.0 Launch: As the Sustainable Apparel Coalition prepares for the November launch of the new Higg Facility Environmental Module (Higg FEM 3.0), we’ll keep you informed of key milestones and updates via the weekly Snapshot, which will highlight important announcements and key reminders about the Higg FEM 3.0 ahead of the tool’s launch.

If you haven’t already joined the outdoor industry Higg Index adoption group, you can do so here. Please contact us at with any questions or for access to the working group space.

Higg Index Access for Facilities

  • Now! Early Registration for SAC Non-Member Facilities. Facilities who sign up before 10/31 receive a discounted rate of $85 per facility.
  • How do I set up/renew my account? Complete the Higg Index Early Registration Form for early registration for the 2017 Higg Index Facility Environmental Assessment. Once this form is completed your contact and payment information will be saved and you will be emailed a Higg Index registration coupon code to access the new orgplatform in November 2017.
  • When can I begin the Facility Environmental Module? Now!
  • I have additional questions. You can find frequently asked questions about Higg FEM here or contact us at


Higg Index Access for Brands

  • When can brands access Brands will be able to access the new platform beginning in December. This will allow time for facilities to set up accounts first, so they do not receive redundant registration requests from brands and retailers.
  • How do I set up/renew my account? If you are an OIA member and would like to set up/renew your account, please contact us at with “Higg Index Access” in the subject line and we will notify the Sustainable Apparel Coalition, who will then invoice you with the discount applied (10% discount for OIA members under $100 million annual revenue and 50% discount for SWG Leadership Members under $500 million revenue). Once you’ve been invoiced, you will receive a registration link and a coupon code from the Sustainable Apparel Coalition that will enable you to set up your company’s account.
  • When can I begin my Brand Environmental Module? Spring 2018
  • I have additional questions. You can find frequently asked questions about here or contact us at


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