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July 5, 2017

OIA Sustainability Working Group – Sustainability Snapshot

Week of July 3, 2017


Five Reasons You Should Attend the Sustainability Insights Conference

Do you subscribe to “Sourcing Journal” and “EcoTextile News”? Do you use terms like “regrettable substitution,” “fabric shedding,” and “marker efficiency?” Do you want to join a band of like-minded industry professionals working to establish the best possible sustainability practices in our shared supply chains? Do you really enjoy a good continental breakfast at the Marriott? Any or all of those are good reasons to register for the OIA Sustainability Insights Conference on July 25, at Outdoor Retailer Summer Market. Need a few more? Ask, and you shall receive.


Reminder from the Sustainable Apparel Coalition: Download all Higg data between now and July 14

Locking accounts/activity on Schneider platform starting after July 14

  • All module data must be downloaded from the current platform by this date
  • Exception: If you signed up for early renewal or are going through verification, your account will remain active through October 31
  • Note: SAC will have a full backup of all module data


Quality Team Expertise Needed for Higg Index Footprinting Tool

The Sustainable Apparel Coalition needs your Quality Experts to help understand:

  • The best tests to use related to longevity
  • Appropriate thresholds for these tests
  • Different testing requirements in different regions

Why they should get involved:

  • Your company is future respondent PEF legislation and users of the Footprinting Tool
  • You want to make sure your products are well represented in methodology
  • The industry and consumers will learn from this tool how quality has direct links to sustainability

Join Us for a More Descriptive Introduction  Please join the SAC for a webinar to learn more and help us plan. We will want to get your input on the best approach to do this together. Webinar Date: July 11th, 2017


Missed it last week?

  • Exposure Matters! Evaluating risks for outdoor industry productsWebinar Recording: You can find the slides and recording herefor reference. To stay in the loop on future webinars and other outputs from the Outdoor Industry Association’s Chemicals Management Working Group, join our community, here (register, then request to join the CMWG):
  • Microfibers Task Force Call Recording: You can find the recording here. To stay in the loop on future webinars and other outputs from the Outdoor Industry Association’s Microfibers Task Force, join our community, here (register, then request to join the Microfibers Task Force):
  • Textile Exchange: Responsible Wool Standard: The recording of the June 20thRWS call can be found here.
  • Textile Exchange: Responsible Leather – Slide decks and notes from the June 19th call can be found here.


Upcoming Webinars:





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