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Selling to Connected Consumers: What’s in Store for 2012?

Sophisticated, connected consumers are changing the retail landscape, for better or worse. In this temperamental economy, consumers are using many different tools to share information, and compare and purchase items. To help businesses better understand connected consumers and how to reach them, Outdoor Industry Association’s (OIA) Outdoor University is presenting an online webinar, What’s in Store for 2012?, on March 13 at 2:00 pm MDT, featuring Nielsen research expert James Russo.

Just about any outdoor retailer stands to gain from this information. Attracting and retaining consumers in today’s environment is a complicated puzzle that manufacturers and retailers in many industries are trying to solve. Brands and retailers are re-examining and reinforcing their value proposition to customers across all channels and in all industries. As the retail landscape continues to evolve, companies with the best insight into connected consumers are bound to gain market share.

“Reaching today’s consumer is both an art and a science,” said LaRae Marsik, vice president of Business Intelligence for OIA. “Retail is shifting, and understanding what drives consumer purchase behavior is vital to business success in both the outdoor industry and across the entire marketplace.”

Russo will share information, approaches and strategies that are shaping 2012 retail, including the key opportunities for in-store, online, mobile and at-shelf experiences. The session will focus on the U.S. consumer and overall retail markets, adding some information from Canada for comparison. Using his advertising background and the research resources of Nielsen, Russo will present valuable insights into consumers and how to reach them in today’s environment.

Some of the statistics are significant, and some surprising. For example, 60 percent of online consumers create reviews about products and services online. Not only do they write recommendations, they rely on them as well. If you want to reach online consumers, referrals and recommendations dominate: 91 percent of online consumers completely or somewhat rely on “recommendations from people they know,” and 70 percent completely or somewhat rely on “consumer opinions posted online.”

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