#SaveLWCF, Save North Carolina’s Outdoor Treasures

Find out how OIA and the LWCF Coalition are working to grow and protect the state’s most iconic places and the outdoor recreation economy they support.

November 1, 2017

After a successful bid to get the Land and Water Conservation Fund reauthorized in 2015, we are again facing its expiration in October 2018. For the next year, the LWCF Coalition will be creating weekly profiles to show where Land and Water Conservation Fund dollars go to support significant public land and recreation projects in each of the 50 U.S. States. This week, the coalition featured North Carolina, a state where OIA has been and will continue to be highly engaged in state and local advocacy efforts.

In recent years, OIA has

From the iconic Blue Ridge Parkway to the scenic Catawba Falls, North Carolina’s outdoor recreation infrastructure is the backbone of the state’s $28 billion outdoor recreation industry—supporting 260,000 jobs which generate $8.3 billion in wages and salaries and produces $1.3 billion annually in state and local tax revenue.

“LWCF is the key that cranks the economic engine in North Carolina. We need to keep investing in our outdoor spaces so the next generation will enjoy paddling, camping, hiking and climbing the way my generation does. It’s good business and it’s good for the soul.” –Ross Saldarini, President, Mountain Khakis