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Rendezvous 2012 to Explore How Technology Shifts Are Shaking Things Up

With the number of smartphone owners in the U.S. nearing the 100 million mark, and Google estimating the activation of more than seven million phones per day across the globe, consumer technology is changing how we interact with the world. This technology tidal wave has dramatic impacts on business, with traditional channels disappearing, and demand for information skyrocketing.

At the Outdoor Industry Association (OIA) Rendezvous education conference in October, we’ll examine these game-changing technology shifts, how businesses are reacting, what’s happening to those who aren’t reacting fast enough, and why outdoor companies should pay attention. Outdoor business leaders who want to learn about the latest in technology trends, what to watch and how to get in the game should register to attend Rendezvous, which takes place October 3-5, 2012, at the Hyatt Regency in Downtown Boston.

“As new and advancing technologies spread across the business horizon, the landscape is changing right before our eyes, and companies need to know what technology trends to pay attention to,” said LaRae Marsik, vice president of Business Intelligence for OIA and producer of the Rendezvous conference. “At Rendezvous we’ll explore social, mobile, retail, consumer and supply chain technologies, all of which are impacting outdoor businesses and how they operate today.”

Business models are changing so quickly, it’s hard to know where to look first. Online retail access via mobile devices is up 69 percent since this time last year, and the app economy is accelerating nearly as fast. Even the terminology we use can’t keep up — only 18 percent of consumers say they’ve heard of “showrooming,” yet 72 percent have engaged in the behavior (scoping out a product in a brick-and-mortar store, then buying online due to price or selection).

The Rendezvous schedule includes sessions on e-commerce, customer acquisition strategies, social and mobile technologies, channel dissolution, new retail business models, the shrinking supply chain, consumer trends and so much more.

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