Three Major Differences Between State Trust Lands and National Public Lands

There are countless differences, but these three are the most important.

April 5, 2016
Public vs. State vertical

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In the past year, the battle over who owns America’s public lands has intensified.

A few powerful special interests are pushing legislation to transfer millions of acres of mountains, forests, rivers, plains, and open spaces to state governments. Their goal is to see our public lands privatized, sold off or developed. Public lands are an American legacy, and as outdoorists we have a lot to lose. How much? The Public Land Heist threatens 543 river runs; 6,688 climbing areas; and 12,659 miles of mountain bike trails. Still not clear on the difference between state-controlled land and federally controlled public land.

What are the real differences between state trust land and public land? Our friends at Outdoor Alliance spent an afternoon researching state land websites, and what they found there perfectly captures the need to keep public lands in public hands. 

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