Podcast: #ShowUpBeHeard

Utah? Outdoor Retailer? It's complicated. But clarity will come from more dialogue, not less. So let's start here: A 10-minute conversation with OIA Executive Director Amy Roberts.

By Ben Schenck February 15, 2017

As evidenced by an open letter from more than 200 CEOs to the incoming Trump administration, the outdoor industry is aligned on the importance of protecting our public lands. As the letter states: “It is an American right to roam in our public lands. The people of the United States, today and tomorrow, share equally in the ownership of these majestic places. This powerful idea transcends party lines and sets our country apart from the rest of the world. That is why we strongly oppose any proposal, current or future, that devalues or compromises the integrity of our national public lands.” There is no doubt our industry stands united for public lands. However, as we’ve seen over the past month, there are a range of opinions about how best to respond when those public lands are threatened, as they have been by policymakers in Utah. You’ve likely been following the recent news and the passionate debate surrounding the Outdoor Retailer trade show—whether it should stay in Utah or leave. To be sure, it’s a complicated issue. In today’s episode, we hear directly from OIA Executive Director Amy Roberts about the association’s three calls to action in regard to Utah and the industry trade show.


OIA Standing with Outdoor Leaders, Speaking with Governor Herbert on Thursday