Pandemic? Holiday Sales? Shortages? Landed Costs? How Traeger Grills Manages Supply Chain Planning in an Unmanageable World

October 15, 2020

Speakers: Anne Patterson, Principal at; Russ Graf, VP Channel Management North America at NETSTOCK; and Dustin Joyce, Director of Operations Planning at Traeger Grills

Sales are flamin’ hot at Traeger Grills, yet supply chain and inventory replenishment are keeping their cool. Learn how KPI-driven dashboard insight helps Traeger balance sales growth and inventory investment, keep customers happy and let planners focus on the big picture instead of spreadsheet minutia.

Brand recognition and market-share leadership have enabled Traeger to expand its grill product line as well as to diversify into accessories, apparel and consumables.  But with growth comes challenges: more SKUs, more suppliers, more product life cycles and – with the pandemic – exponentially more supply chain risk.

Learn how NETSTOCK’s cloud-based inventory management solution helps Traeger manage inventory by exception: what’s out of stock, what’s about to go out of stock and what’s excess – prioritized by inventory classification that cleverly marries cost with run rate and enables quick ordering, while at the same time optimizing transport.

With the pandemic still in play, consumers are queueing up for the holiday sales, said to have already begun in Q3. Learn how to audit and adapt your inventory strategy so that this year’s holiday season is a smooth one for your business and your supply chain is geared up for 2021.

Sponsor: This webinar is proudly sponsored by NETSTOCK inventory optimization software. Used by over 15,000 users in over 1,600 companies worldwide running over 40 different ERP systems, NETSTOCK brings enterprise-class planning to the mid-market with affordable subscriptions and 100 percent remote implementation.