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Outdoor Retailer Update: Badges Now Must be Picked Up Onsite

New for Outdoor Retailer Summer Market, all attendee and exhibitor badges must be picked up onsite. That’s right, Outdoor Retailer (OR) isn’t mailing badges anymore. In an effort to control unauthorized badge use, registered attendees must now pick up their badges up onsite. OR wants a good experience for both qualified retailers and exhibitors, and this is an easy (and green) way to keep the audience tight to core constituents.

To make it easy, OR has added registration stations to the new exhibitor pavilion and west entrance, in addition to the east entrance station. Also, there will be “will call” stations at the north and south entrances where you can bring your confirmation (either printed or on your smartphone), pick up your badge and be on your way! Thank you for your continued support of Summer Market. We look forward to seeing you in Salt Lake!