Outdoor Retailer + Snow Show 2018 Takeaways

This past week was full of fun, education and business. We know you couldn't be everywhere so we've compiled some highlights you may or may not have missed.

January 29, 2018

Day 1 – Thursday, January 25

5 Quotes and Highlights from Paul Hawken at the Industry Breakfast

  • “The first thing to do is find out what you’re doing. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you can’t change what you’re doing. And most companies don’t really know their impact, and so they’ve got to learn of their impact, number one.”
  • We’ve got a lingo problem. Climates are supposed to change, and they do anyway whether we like it or not. Instead of focusing on ‘fighting climate’, let’s focus on scaling those activities that will regenerate the atmosphere and restore ecosystems with a long-term view.
  • Protect the Earth, it’s your supply chain! It’s a system that caused this problem, so it needs to be a system that will solve it.
  • There are three outdoor industries: fishing, farming & us, the outdoor industry. Our industry is the only of the three that has a direct ability to influence people, so let’s use our collective voice to positively inspire action.
  • “It’s best to start small, especially if you’re small. Do something and make it work. Then do another thing and make it work. It’s not about being a hero, it’s about being effective.”

Watch the Industry Breakfast on-demand.

Colorado Policymakers Welcome the Outdoor and Snowsports Industries
Governor Hickenlooper recognized our industry’s economic impact and political heft on issues of public land, climate and participation underscore the alignment the state shares with our values. The governor also pledged to remain aligned with and supportive of the work that our industry does and the contributions it makes in this state and across the country.

Governor Hickenlooper wasn’t the only Colorado politician to roll out the red carpet. Denver Mayor Hancock also welcomed the Outdoor Retailer + Snow Show with open arms.

State of the Rockies and Conservation in the West: A Discussion of Bipartisan Issues and Opinions in the Rocky Mountain West

  • “Our consumers are now demanding that we be involved. At the end of the day it matters to the bottom line because our consumers are voting with their dollars now and they want to know that we’re helping protect the places where they recreate.” – Travis Campbell, President, Smartwool
  • “In two years we have seen a thirteen point increase in the proportion of voters in the west that tell us they consider themselves a conservationist.” – Lori Weigel, Partner with Public Opinion Strategies
  • “We know that conservation is not a red or blue issue in the west. It’s a winning issue for both parties if they choose to seize it” – Jen Rokala, Executive Director of the Center for Western Priorities

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Day 2 – Friday, January 26

Colorado Senators Tour the Trade Show


Spring/Summer 2020 Trends: The Collective Consciousness and ‘Multi-Use’

  • We need to communicate sustainability accurately, in a digestible format. What exactly are we doing and what is the tangible reward.
  • “Outdoor for all of us, who are in consumer products, have been a source of inspiration and we have been studying outdoor industries for the last 15-20 years.” – Haysun Hahn, founder of Fast Forward Trending

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Day 3 – Saturday, January 27

The Next Wave of Outdoorist: The Importance of Growing Outdoor Communities on College Campuses

  • Outdoor Nation Campus Challenge had participation from 92 college campuses which resulted in 25,000 individual participants, 120,000+ logged activities and 60,000 hours of outdoor activity.
  • “Being in the outdoors and communing with nature, really can be a huge part of self care and helping the student cope with the challenges, with the stress and whatever they are facing.” – Dr. Carine Feyten, chancellor and president of Texas Woman’s University
  • “There is a lot of evidence that shows that outdoor engagement increases creativity, memorization and energizes ones mind.” – Scott Wyatt, president of Southern Utah University, in response to how to get college administrators to back outdoor participation among students.

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Leading Outdoor Advocacy Through Social Media

“Social media is this huge opportunity to reach out to youth who are underrepresented in the outdoors. They can also see themselves represented in a cool way on Instagram and that builds confidence in themselves and enthusiasm for the outdoors.” – Elyse Rylander, founder of Out There Adventures

Panel summary by Snews.

Day 4 – Sunday, January 28

The final day of the show is best wrapped up by this video from Outdoor Retailer.