Outdoor recreation destination, Browns Canyon, Colorado, designated as a National Monument

March 4, 2015

President Obama has continued his promise to protect public lands where Congress wouldn’t act by protecting Browns Canyon in Colorado. Located near the town of Salida, Browns Canyon is one of the best whitewater rafting and angler destinations in the country as well as a popular hiking and hunting spot. Several OIA member companies have worked for decades to protect this beautiful place for its recreation qualities. The Colorado River Outfitters Association (CROA) estimates a $60 million annual contribution to the local economy via commercial rafting on the Arkansas River. The monument designation does not impede on historical access, grazing or water rights to the Arkansas River.

Former Senator Mark Udall and Senator Michael Bennet worked hard to pass legislation that would have preserved Browns Canyon for its multiple benefits including boosting the local recreation economy. Although the legislation failed to move in the Senate, both were instrumental in helping with this new designation. OIA and the outdoor industry are thrilled to have the certainty that comes with protection of public lands such as Browns Canyon that offer extensive recreational value.

Read OIA’s press release here.

Please contact Jessica Wahl, OIA’s Policy Advisor for recreation issues for additional information.