Outdoor Industry Association publishes position on public land designation

By Jessica Wahl February 11, 2016

Public lands and waters are the backbone of the outdoor industry and the outdoor recreation economy. Ensuring protections for these recreation assets, from our backyards to the backcountry, is an important pillar of OIA’s Government Affairs program. The policy tools, designations and political processes used to protect these places vary, resulting in different outcomes and potential political and ideological controversies. Determining the best vehicle to guarantee appropriate protections for recreation on public lands is critical to ensuring a positive outcome for outdoor businesses and future generations.

To help outdoor businesses better understand the complex roadmap for public land and water protections, and to encourage you to become more involved in advocating for public lands, waters and outdoor recreation, OIA’s Government Affairs team, with guidance from the OIA Recreation Advisory Council (OIARAC) and the OIA Board of Directors, developed the position statement on public land destinations below.

This process is playing out in in Utah as we work for protections in the southeast part of the state, first through legislation, but eventually through other means if the recently released Utah Public Lands Initiative (PLI) discussion draft is not greatly improved.

Read the letter from OIA’s Executive Director Amy Roberts to Utah Congressmen Rob Bishop, the Chairman of the House Resource Committee, and Jason Chaffetz, who are drafting the legislation.

To see other recreation assets that OIA is actively working to protect, see below. There will be more details coming soon.

2016 Outdoor Industry Association (OIA) Priority Places to Protect for Recreation

  • Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (AK)
  • Grand Canyon (AZ)
  • California Central Coast (CA)
  • California Desert (CA)
  • Continental Divide (CO)
  • Boundary Waters (MN)
  • Oregon Wildlands (OR)
  • Owyhee (OR)
  • Tennessee Wilderness (TN)
  • Mountain Accord (UT)
  • Southeast Utah (UT)
  • Mountains to Sound Greenway (WA)
  • Wild Olympics (WA)
  • Birthplace of Rivers (WV)