OIA Trade Alert: Higher Costs on Outdoor Products Will Come Today

May 10, 2019


Following a series of tweets last weekend, President Trump today went through with his plan to increase tariffs on $200 billion worth of imports from China.

This means that the 10 percent tariff that was imposed on certain outdoor products sourced from China, such as backpacks, sports bags, leather ski gloves, camp stoves, camp chairs, bikes and bicycle parts, has risen to 25 percent as of 12:01 a.m. EDT today.

This new tariff will apply to products shipped AFTER Friday; it will not apply to goods currently in transit to the United States – those products will face the 10 percent punitive tariff as long as they reach the United States by June 1. The administration also announced that they would set up a formal process for companies to file petitions to exclude their products from this punitive tariff. OIA will share details of this process when it is released.

President Trump also called for a 25 percent tariff on a new list of imports that would total $325 billion and include all remaining imports from China, including apparel and footwear. We understand the list could be released shortly and will include a public comment period and a timetable for when those tariffs will come into effect.

President Trump appears to have called for this new action out of frustration with the pace of negotiations between the United States and China aimed at resolving differences over China’s intellectual property practices. A new round of talks between U.S. and Chinese officials began yesterday in Washington.

OIA and its member companies have actively opposed the additional tariffs imposed on outdoor products and called for an end to the trade dispute with China. We must continue to vocalize our strong opposition to these retaliatory tariffs that hurt outdoor businesses and consumers. OIA will continue to directly engage with key administration officials and Congress. We will also continue to amplify the harm of these tariffs to our industry through earned media and social networks.

We urge you to take action by contacting your elected officials and urging them to stand with the outdoor industry against higher tariffs.

OIA is also an active member of the Americans for Free Trade coalition, a group of over 150 companies and associations organized to oppose additional tariffs on products sourced from China and dedicated to educating Congress and the administration about the impact of these taxes on U.S. companies and consumers. The coalition has released economic data that quantifies the jobs that are at risk and is hosting grassroots events across the country. You can find the coalition’s most recent statement on the president’s threat here.