How OIA Saved You $90 Million—And How We’re Going to Do It Again

For the past four years, OIA and member companies worked to eliminate steep import duties on backpacks and sports bags. This could save your company—and your retail partners and customers—a lot of money. Here’s how we did it and what it means for you.

By Rich Harper November 15, 2017

Earlier this year, the Trump administration announced that starting on July 1, 2017, brands will no longer have to pay import tariffs—sometimes called hidden taxes—on certain travel goods that are made in any of the named 129 poor, developing countries, including Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia and Cambodia.

  • The 17.6-percent tariff on imported backpacks? Gone.
  • A 20-percent tariff on sports bags? Eliminated.

How did we get here? This infographic depicts the long and cooperative journey we took, starting back in 2013.

Read more about how we made it happen.

Passing legislation that lowers costs on outdoor products is a long road. But with a balanced trade agenda, engaged members and bipartisan congressional champions, Outdoor Industry Association can navigate the twists and turns on Capitol Hill and make it to the summit.

We spent four years building a coalition that worked with Congress and two administrations to eliminate steep import taxes on travel goods.

The result: Duty-free status for backpacks and sport bags. That means lower costs for outdoor businesses and their consumers.

If you important qualified goods from the named countries, it means significant savings that can go right back to your company and help lower costs, create jobs, fuel innovation and get more consumers to use your products.

What’s next: We’re not resting on our laurels. Following our successful collaborative approach and our balanced trade agenda, OIA has jumped into a similar effort to earn duty-free status for footwear via the GSP Footwear Act of 2017. Want to get involved with our efforts and speak directly to your representatives about the value of tariff relief for your business and to potentially drive this key trade policy? Contact OIA’s Manager of International Trade, Rich Harper, to learn more.