OIA Responds to Shutdown Reprieve

Executive Director Amy Robert urges POTUS and Congress to fully fund the government and avoid another shutdown.

By Amy Roberts January 25, 2019

“This shutdown has been a disservice to all Americans and the outdoor industry is relieved the government will reopen long enough for employees to receive paychecks and back pay, provide some relief to them and their families, and give time to clean up our parks and other public lands. Unfortunately, long-term damage has already been needlessly wreaked on the public by this nearly 6-week shutdown — whether it be vandalism at some of our most iconic national parks, or negative impacts to the local economies of gateway communities and businesses dependent on outdoor recreation visitors,” said Amy Roberts executive director of Outdoor Industry Association. “OIA and our members will continue to push the administration and Congress to develop a long-term solution to funding our government, paying federal employees and protecting our public lands because we cannot keep using government shutdowns as a political tool — the consequences are too high.”

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