Offset Your Indoor Hours; Get Kids Outside 

What if every meeting you have at Outdoor Retailer, every hour spent under the Salt Palace fluorescents, every mile walked on the trade show floor could translate to an outdoor experience for a kid. Thanks to the Give Back Badge, they can.  

By Stasia Raines June 14, 2016

Years ago, Outdoor Foundation and the organizers of Outdoor Retailer hatched the idea of a Give Back Badge, a recurring program that would give OR attendees the chance to support an important industry cause at each show. This year, the Give Back Badge is finally launching and will support what is, arguably, one of our industry’s most crucial initiatives—youth engagement. This year, everyone who makes the $15 Give Back pledge at registration (online and in-person at the show) will get a commemorative badge signifying their commitment to growing the future generation of outdoorists. Money raised will go directly to Outdoor Foundation’s Parks4Kids program. We asked Outdoor Reteailer’s Executive Director Marisa Nicholson why this program and why now.  

OIA: Why did OR decide to partner with Outdoor Foundation to launch the badge program at Summer Market? 

Marisa Nicholson: We first began talking about a Give Back Badge program with Outdoor Foundation years ago because we wanted to create a way that our show attendees could connect with opportunities to give while they are attending Outdoor Retailer. The Foundation is tasked with growing and investing in future generations of outdoor participants as well as the future health of our industry. This is something that we all care about—personally and professionally. Until now, there hasn’t been a simple way for individuals to invest in that cause. That is what is so compelling about the Give Back Badge and why we, along with the Outdoor Foundation, decided to create this joint program. A simple way of saying this is we can now offset our time inside at the show by helping a young person get outside. 

A simple way of saying this is we can now offset our time inside at the show by helping a young person get outside.

OIA: Why do you think it’s important for brands, retailers and individual attendees to participate in the program? 

MN: A healthy outdoor industry and strong community is important to us all, and if we don’t look to grow the connection young people have with the outdoors today, they won’t become stewards, activists and, yes, customers we hope for tomorrow. As a result, we are encouraging everyone within the outdoor community to donate and make the pledge through the Outdoor Retailer Online Registration portal on behalf of their entire Outdoor Retailer staff  to the Outdoor Foundation’s Parks4Kids program. Those that pledge will  receive a Give Back Badge designed by famed outdoor industry notable and 2015 Outdoor Inspiration award winner, Jeremy Collins. This is a powerful way to address a need in our community while showing support of this cause. 

OIA: How many badges do you hope to sell before and during the show? 

MN: We are prepared to give every Outdoor Retailer attendee a Give Back Badge. So game on outdoor community…it’s up to you to accept the challenge.


You can register for the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market at You’ll have the option to purchase a Give Back Badge for yourself or your entire team.