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Negotiating a Flexible Lease Can Help You Grow, Shrink or Change Your Space on Your Terms

Real estate negotiations can be tricky. You know the space you need today, but can’t predict your future needs. Having a flexible lease will help you adapt to your future needs and avoid renegotiation costs. Tomorrow’s Outdoor UniversityTM will explore all the ins and outs of future-flexible leases during the April 12 webinar, Negotiating Leasing for Maximum Future Flexibility – Outdoor UNLEASED (Part 2 of 2), tomorrow at 2 pm (Mountain).

“One of the most powerful tools a tenant can obtain in a lease negotiation is the landlord’s agreement that the tenant has the right to do certain things in the future,” says Holland & Hart’s Jeremy Syz, one of co-presenters for the webinar.  During the session, both Syz and Beat Steiner will explore the different options that can accommodate a tenant’s needs. “A well-drafted option will limit the landlord’s ability to interfere with a tenant’s effective exercise of the option rights,” continued Syz, who will explain what all of these concepts mean during the session.

This session will go over the most common options of a lease which allow a tenant to expand, contract, extend the term of the lease, terminate the lease, purchase the premises, sublease or explore other possibilities.

Syz and Steiner will go through the benefits of exclusive uses in leases and how they can be used to limit potential competition and increase a tenant’s leverage for future lease negotiations. There are also important guidelines for using broader terms in a lease, which can add different kinds of flexibility into the future.

Register now to find out how to handle upfront negotiations, expect the unexpected, and have contingency plans when it comes to leasing the space that works for you over the long haul.

This session is provided free of charge for employees of OIA member companies and available for $149 for non-members. Visit for more information.