A Month Into 2019, OIA Is Grabbing Headlines

As our industry gathered in Denver for the Outdoor Retailer Snow Show, news outlets across the country linked our work to top-tier political issues.

February 6, 2019

The outdoor industry continues to be a political force. Since the monuments fights, we’ve continued to demonstrate our advocacy influence and are seen as a dominant voice in fighting for the outdoors. Last week, during the Outdoor Retailer Snow Show, the industry was covered by prominent national media outlets.

The first article, posted on Thursday, January 31, was an Associated Press article by Dan Elliot titled ‘Outdoor Industry Pushes Political Fight Over Lands, Climate.’ The article went “A-wire,” which means it went national and received a lot of readership across the country in both local and regional news outlets. The overall impact of the article going national sends a strong message that we are here, we have a large voice and we are involved as an industry in major issues.

Also on Thursday, we were the subject of the top story titled ’The outdoors vs. Trump’ in Mike Allen’s Axios daily online newsletter and a homepage story. This story references several quotes from OIA and our members and highlights our brands’ clout and ability to touch consumers on a mass scale. While we think we have to walk the line on how much the industry gets pigeon-holed as simply being anti-Trump, this short but extremely well-read article will have a huge impact for us on the Hill.

Last, over the past weekend, OIA was quoted in a New York Times Op-Ed titled ‘Why Can’t Rich People Save Winter?’ The article dives into the snowsports industry’s involvement in working on climate change issues. Notably, the “Outdoor Business Climate Partnership” we announced between OIA, SIA and the National Ski Areas Association at the show is highlighted.