Insights OverVue: June 2016

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June 28, 2016

MetroRock and Mammut Disrupt Specialty Retail

The cross-brand partners are working to give urban climbers an indoor experience that has everything to do with convenience, and nothing to do with buying. Well, almost nothing. Read more.6.27 1 Insights

6.27 2a infographicWhat’s the Beta on Climbers?

Forget online—84% of climbers want to buy from you. In person. Within the physical walls of your local store. Download the infographic.


6.27 3 innovationUse Snapchat to Transport Your Customers

Now that EverestNoFilter has pretty much wrapped and we’re all missing the daily high-altitude antics of Ballinger and Richardson, OIA looks back on lessons learned from their Snapchat journey. Read more.

6.27 4a ConsumervueMeet: Susan, the Quintessential Athleisurist

They’re 20% of the U.S. outdoor consumer population, but Athleisurists aren’t in it for the thrill or the mileage. Outdoorists like, Susan, love relaxing outdoors (think forest bathing) and gear that lasts. Read more.

Forest Bathers Redefine What It Means to Hike

Forest bathing. Yep, you read that right. The newest, yet widespread, way to de-stress, de-tech and soak in some peace of mind in the outdoors. View Social Buzz


Thank You, Retailers

To all OIA retailer members who participated in the 2016 Retail Benchmarking Survey, thank you.


  • Over 50% of indoor climbers have also gone climbing outside. (OIA ConsumerVue)
  • 28% of climbers would rather rent or borrow equipment for outdoor activities than own. (OIA ConsumerVue)
  • For Fourth of July, 65% plan to go to barbecue, picnic or cookout, 43% plan to attend a community celebration or watch fireworks, and 12% plan to see a parade. (NRF’s 2016 survey)