Higg FEM 3.0: Measuring Your Footprint Just Got Easier 

Say bye bye to audit fatigue and hello to smarter analytics and efficiencies. Updates to the Higg Facility Environmental Module are here. Access them now.

By Nikki Hodgson November 1, 2017

Facilities: Access the Higg Index Facility Environmental Module November 1, 2017

The Sustainable Apparel Coalition’s updated Higg Facility Environmental Module (FEM) links manufacturers, brands, and retailers together on measurement of their environmental sustainability impacts at an industrial scale like never before.

The improved Higg FEM reduces audit fatigue, introduces questions relevant to factory types, offers smarter analytics, and provides enhanced training and improvement resources. It is already used globally by more than 8,000 leading businesses.

The updated website www.higg.org  will introduce an easy-to-use, streamlined interface to complete Higg Index modules. It features easy login, improved navigation, easy sharing with supply-chain partners, and it’s available in multiple languages over the course of the adoption cadence.  

Brands will be able to access the new higg.org platform beginning in December, but factories can access higg.org beginning November 1. 

Here’s everything you need to know about getting set up with your new higg.org account and starting your 2017 Facility Environmental Module.  


When can facilities access Higg.org?  

Facilities can access Higg.org now. 


How do I set up/renew my account?  

1. Complete the Higg Index Early Registration Form for the 2017 Higg Index Facility Environmental Assessment.  

2. You will be emailed a Higg Index registration coupon code to access the new  higg.org  platform in  November 2017. 


How much does it cost?*  

Non-SAC Member Facilities

  • November 1 – December 31, 2017: $100 per non-member
  • January 1 – December 31, 2018: $150 per non-member facility

* Facilities that paid on or after June 1, 2017, do not need to pay for their 2017 Higg Facility Environmental Module again this cycle. They will be emailed a coupon code for registration when Higg FEM launches in November. Facilities that paid prior to June 1, 2017, must pay the access fee to complete a 2017 Facility Environmental Module for this adoption cycle.


When can I begin the Facility Environmental Module?   



I have additional questions.  

Find frequently asked questions about Higg FEM here or contact us at sustainability@outdoorindustry.org  

Video outlining the timeline, fees, and steps for paying on the new platform:  http://members.apparelcoalition.org/higg-payment 



Higg Index Access for Brands 

  • When can brands access Higg.org? Brands will be able to access the new higg.org platform beginning in December. This will allow time for facilities to set up accounts first, so they do not receive redundant registration requests from brands and retailers.  
  • How do I set up/renew my account? If you are an OIA member and would like to set up/renew your Higg.org account, please contact us at sustainability@outdoorindustry.org with “Higg Index Access” in the subject line and we will notify the Sustainable Apparel Coalition, who will then invoice you with the discount applied (10% discount for OIA members under $100 million annual revenue and 50% discount for SWG Leadership Members under $500 million revenue). Once you’ve been invoiced, you will receive a registration link and a coupon code from the Sustainable Apparel Coalition that will enable you to set up your company’s Higg.org account.  
  • When can I begin my Brand Environmental Module? Spring 2018 
  • I have additional questions. You can find frequently asked questions about higg.org here or contact us at higgsupport@outdoorindustry.org