Fun And Games at The 2015 Sustainability Insights Conference

June 18, 2015

The Nike’s System Innovation Experiment (SIX)—an interactive simulation game that helps brands tackle sustainability challenges—is coming to the OIA Sustainability Insights Conference. The OIA Sustainability Working Group (SWG) invites you to join in a collaborative exercise that will bring supply-chain pressures to life, illustrating the potential future impacts of the decisions you make today.

WHAT: An interactive simulation, SIX is a forward-looking exercise in which teams work together to create more sustainable products that can have a positive impact on the planet. The entire experience is played out in seven rounds—each round representing a year, starting with 2015 and culminating in 2021. Teams collaborate and compete against each other and against external challenges that are brought to life through a mix of multimedia experiences, team discussions and negotiations. Success requires smart investing, collaboration and innovations focusing on materials, manufacturing, workers, consumers and more. Teams’ success hinges on maximizing operational and financial results while dramatically reducing environmental impacts.

WHEN: SIX will take place on Tuesday, August 4, 2015, as part of the OIA Sustainability Insights Conference in Salt Lake City, just prior to Outdoor Retailer Summer Market.

WHY: Launched in 2014 at Outdoor Retailer Winter Market, the Sustainability Insights Conference provides opportunities for industry professionals to stay apprised of best practices and industry trends around risk mitigation and supply-chain management, providing a forum to collaboratively discuss and address shared challenges.

WHAT ELSE: Other sessions will focus on climate risks and opportunities in the supply chain, wool and leather traceability, microplastics, living wage in the supply chain and much more.

View the full agenda and to learn more about registering for the conference.

About OIA Sustainability Working Group

Convened in 2007, the Sustainability Working Group is a collaborative industry group dedicated to developing industry tools, standards, and best practices around responsible supply chain management. In addition to in-person meetings at Outdoor Retailer, the group holds regularly scheduled calls throughout the year to address topics around materials traceability, social responsibility, chemicals management and product indexing.