Five Reasons You Should Attend the Sustainability Insights Conference

Now is the time to double down on your commitment to a responsible supply chain, and the annual conference before Outdoor Retailer is the definitive event for sustainability leaders in the industry.

By Nikki Hodgson July 5, 2017

Do you subscribe to “Sourcing Journal” and “EcoTextile News”? Do you use terms like “regrettable substitution,” “fabric shedding,” and “marker efficiency?” Do you want to join a band of like-minded industry professionals working to establish the best possible sustainability practices in our shared supply chains? Do you really enjoy a good continental breakfast at the Marriott? Any or all of those are good reasons to register for the OIA Sustainability Insights Conference on July 25, at Outdoor Retailer Summer Market. Need a few more? Ask, and you shall receive.

1. You Need More Sustainability Professionals in Your Life

Ever told a chemistry joke at a cocktail party, and it fell flat? Do you lie awake at night lamenting microfiber shedding? Do you need someone to talk smack to about your Higg Index score? Come join 150 of your best outdoor industry sustainability friends. We really get you. We laugh at chemistry jokes. We miss our turn-off driving home because we’re preoccupied with microplastics. And your Higg Index score? We’ll show you ours if you show us yours.

2. Polybags Keep You Up at Night

Don’t worry. They keep us up, too. If you’ve ever made a pros-and-cons chart on the sushi-roll method, this conference has your name all over it. When it comes to outdoor industry benchmarking within the Higg Index, packaging is an area with ample room for improvement. Adam Gendell of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition will be presenting the latest and greatest sustainable packaging trends and providing insight on where the industry can focus its efforts. 

 3. Your CEO signed the CEO Alliance Climate Pledge

First of all, you and/or your company get a high-five for signing. We’re excited about coming together as an industry to tackle one of the greatest challenges of our time. Together We’re A Force. But what does that look like exactly? We’ll be looking at this during our “Climate Change—Mitigating Impacts in the Supply Chain” panel. Learn from companies who are implementing tangible operational initiatives internally to address climate change in the supply chain.

 4. You’re Concerned That Your Favorite Hiking Boots Might Be Contributing to Deforestation

From sandals to hiking boots to climbing shoes, rubber is a mainstay of many outdoor industry supply chains. But not all rubber is created equal. Zachary Angelini of Timberland and Samantha St.Pierre of the Rainforest Alliance will be presenting some of the challenges in the rubber supply chain as well as projects underway to help increase transparency and mitigate deforestation.

5. You Don’t Want to Miss the Coolest Party at OR

All Sustainability Insights Conference attendees receive a complimentary pass to the Outsiders Ball. After a day with your sustainability cohorts, you’ll be ready and confident to try out that new chemistry joke on friends over drinks and awesome raffle prizes. Get after it.

Check out the full agenda for the Sustainability Insights Conference and the Sustainability Working Group meetings here.

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