Digital Discourse with Oregon’s Senator Ron Wyden About the State’s Outdoor Recreation Economy

By Katie Boué July 22, 2015

Our government is a representative democracy, which means we elect people whom we believe will champion the issues we care about. We usually know where they stand on the major issues—healthcare, taxes, education, defense—that dominate the conversations in and about Washington. But too often we’re left wondering how well our representatives really understand the topics we hold dear on a more personal level.

That’s not the case for citizens in Oregon. Senator Ron Wyden recently rolled up his sleeves, laced up his hiking boots and embarked on a road trip that proved he’s the real deal when it comes to outdoor advocacy. His recent #7WondersOregon tour was dedicated to exploring Oregon’s outdoor destinations and the recreation economy they support.

Wyden’s use of social media was an excellent way to share his journey in real-time while showing the authentic experiences he had with the people and places that feed Oregon’s $12.8 billion outdoor recreation economy. After following along on his Twitter and Instagram accounts, our former social media coordinator, Katie Boué, sat down with Senator Wyden for a rapid-fire video interview about his campaign.


A huge thank you to Senator Wyden for taking time to sit down with us – and for being a champion for outdoor trade and recreation policy. We truly appreciate everything you do for the outdoor industry, Senator.