Webinar: How to Own Your Amazon Customers

May 20, 2019

Speaker: Scott Buelter, Ascent360

In this webinar, Greer Van Dyck, eCommerce Marketing Manager from Smartwool will discuss the challenges of marketing to unknown customers especially those who purchased on Amazon. While Amazon provides an invaluable opportunity to reach a huge audience with a high intent to buy, standing out in a category and Amazon’s policies present issues for ecommerce businesses.

Scott Buelter, OIA Board member and CEO of Ascent360 will demonstrate how retailers generating a high volume from their Amazon store can use data to market directly to customers while still respecting Amazon’s Terms of Service.

If you are a B2C company looking to own your Amazon customers, we can help. Start by attending this informative webinar to learn how a Customer Data Platform (CDP) leads to insight and impact.