COVID-19 Webinar: Thriving in Chaotic Times – The Neuroscience Behind Our Distress

April 10, 2020

Speaker: Julie Auger, MOD

How is our brain perceiving and responding to the current threats? As leaders, what may we do to alleviate these threat responses for our employees and ourselves? This webinar provides a look into how our brain is reacting, how we may find our focus and how we may manage our emotions best to adapt to our new reality. There will be time for questions, discussion and connection. Together we can thrive.


About the Speaker
Julie holds a master’s in organizational development and leadership from Saybrook University and a bachelor’s degree from Florida International University in environmental science and biology. After working 13 years as a fisheries and wildlife biologist, Julie decided to integrate her knowledge of complex ecological systems into human system dynamics. For 14 years, she has facilitated both large- and small-scale change initiatives for a variety of organizations and communities. Julie is currently a trainer and consultant in the Employers Council Organizational Development and Learning Department, specializing in helping leaders and organizations thrive in today’s rapidly shifting landscape.