COVID-19 Webinar: Real Estate Rights and Strategies for Business Owners–COVID-19

April 21, 2020

Speakers: Andy Ewald, Scott Peterson and Greg Mikrut, CBRE

CBRE’s panel of experts, who specialize in representing local and national business owners, will share strategies for and rights of business owners during the COVID-19 crisis. In order to relieve a short-term cash burden during a period of disrupted revenues, local and national tenants have pursued these strategies as a reaction to the economic shock from COVID-19. Their team will review the legal obligations within a lease document, outline the proper approach to secure rent relief, share how landlords are responding, and provide predictions for the future.  In addition, the CBRE team will provide an overview of what is happening at a high level in the capital markets, which effects the velocity of lending, and they’ll share how the market may react going forward. Finally, their finance team will discuss how this pandemic may impact valuations and how to protect the future value for business owners.

Cash flow relief is on the minds of business. On behalf of outdoor industry small and mid-sized business, OIA is exploring legislation that provides rent relief.