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Congress Asks for Public’s Comments on Tariff Bills

Miscellaneous tariff bills (MTBs) would save the outdoor industry millions of dollars if passed. Outdoor Industry Association® (OIA) has used MTBs in the past to save outdoor companies and their customers in excess of $30 million.

The MTB process has become an increasingly important trade tool to temporarily suspend or, in some cases, reduce import tariffs on products that are not made in the United States, including imports of components or inputs for products that are eventually assembled or finished in the United States.

In other words, MTBs help make outdoor products more affordable for Americans because they get rid of unnecessary duties on products that aren’t manufactured in the United States. The bills are thoroughly analyzed by the U.S. International Trade Commission and federal agencies to ensure they are not controversial.

The two Congressional committees with oversight over international trade have posted MTBs for review and public comment. The House Ways and Means Committee and the Senate Finance Committee have posted just over 2,000 total MTBs on their respective committee websites.

OIA has requested 28 bills for introduction, eight of which are renewals of previously enacted legislation that expire at the end of the year, and 20 that are new introductions.

View a list of OIA’s MTBs (PDF)

View all House MTBs.

View all Senate MTB (Excel)

The public comment period for the MTB is open until June 22, 2012. Contact Alex Boian, OIA’s director of trade policy, if you want to learn more about OIA’s MTBs or the MTB process, or if you would like OIA to comment on your behalf.