Colorado Policymakers Welcome the Outdoor and Snowsports Industries

The city of Denver and the state of Colorado roll out the red carpet.

January 25, 2018

At Wednesday night’s Untamed event, Peter Metcalf took the microphone after Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper’s remarks and declared, “If there was any doubt that bringing the Outdoor Retailer trade show to Denver was the right move for our industry and our issues, that has certainly been dispelled here.” Indeed, the governor’s remarks in recognition of our industry’s economic impact and political heft on issues of public land, climate and participation underscore the alignment the state shares with our values. The governor closed his remarks on Wednesday night and again at Thursday morning’s Industry Breakfast by pledging to remain aligned with and supportive of the work that our industry does and the contributions it makes in this state and across the country. A host of state and local policymakers in Denver and Colorado have echoed the governor’s message. At Thursday’s Industry Breakfast, Denver Mayor Michael Hancock welcomed the outdoor industry and the Outdoor Retailer + Snow Show attendees to the Mile High City. If you missed the address, here it is.


Immediately following the breakfast, Governor John Hickenlooper and other Denver and Colorado policymakers officially opened the trade show with a short press conference and, in classic outdoorist style, the ceremonial blowing of the alpenhorn.

The opening of the OR+SS January 2018 show marked by the ceremonial blowing of the alpenhorn. Copyright ©2018 Andeck Photo, All Rights Reserved. Courtesy of Visit Denver

In addition, the state legislature on Wednesday issued a resolution officially welcoming the outdoor industry to the city and affirming their support of our contributions. Read the full resolution here. And Denver Mayor Michael Hancock officiall declared January 25–28, 2018 the “Outdoor Retailer + Snow Show Days.”