Can You Higg It?

Yes you can. And should. We'll be helping businesses get more sustainable at Outdoor Retailer. It's a mission that starts with the Higg Index. Here's a look at how Higg Index adopters are doing so far and how you can learn more.

By Nikki Hodgson July 11, 2017

Ten years ago, we had a crazy idea: Develop a single tool that will help brands of any size or persuasion harmonize and communicate the environmental and social impact of their supply chains. Turns out a decade’s all you need to turn crazy into kickass, also known as the Higg Index.

Since launching the outdoor industry Higg Index adoption campaign in January 2016, we’ve made some great progress. Here are some numbers that tell the tale:

  • 126: Total OIA member Higg Index accounts (an 83-percent increase since we started the campaign)
  • 96: Total 2016 Modules complete or posted by OIA Members
    • 56 OIA member brands have completed/posted 72 Brand Modules (a 50-percent increase year over year, and five times more than when we started the campaign)
    • 12 OIA member manufacturers have posted 24 Facility Modules

Interested in learning more? A full adoption campaign update and preliminary benchmarking results will be shared at the Sustainability Insights Conference immediately preceding Outdoor Retailer Summer Market on Tuesday, July 25.


Higg Index Sessions at Outdoor Retailer Summer Market

When: Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Where: Salon B, Marriott Downtown at City Creek, Salt Lake City

Cost: Free


1:00 – 3:30 p.m. Higg Index: You’ve done the assessment, now what? Benchmark. Plan. Take Action. You will leave this session with practical guidance on how to set sustainability goals that stick, develop plans that deliver results, and hear from peers on how to improve performance.
3:30 – 4:45 p.m. Higg Index: Product Tools Demo + Discussion This session will provide an overview and demo of the MSI and DDM as well as specific examples of how companies are using these tools to implement changes in their overall materials strategy.

Higg Index Renewal Options for OIA Members
Click here for more information on payment options and a detailed FAQ.  Contact Nikki Hodgson ( if you have additional questions.