Experience the Music: Seattle 2015

By Gareth Martins September 1, 2015

Find yourself in Seattle. You’re in the Seattle Center near the iconic Space Needle. A strange structure looms nearby, opposing the uncomplicated, familiar geometry of surrounding buildings. As the sun emerges from behind a cloud, you’re blinded by the gleam from a copper colored façade. Turning away, you’re startled by what looks to be a giant, melting marshmallow. This is no dream, no flashback, you’re about to enter the Experience Music Project Museum and this is only the exterior.

Designed by Frank O. Gehry, EMP is “constructed of over 21,000 aluminum and stainless steel shingles and 280 steel ribs”. Since opening in 2000, the museum has featured countless music and sci-fi exhibits and public programs. You can learn to play the rock ‘n’ roll instrument of your choice, see a show in the Sky Church or get your Star Wars on. What a great place for a night out in Seattle, you say? Say no more. At the 2015 OIA Rendezvous, it’s happening.

Here are some highlights of the experience you won’t miss if you’re registered for Rendezvous.

  • DJ away with Bruce Pavitt, founder of Sub Pop Records.
  • Team up with your colleagues and explore the EMP in a psychedelic scavenger hunt.
  • Join a band, make a demo video, get discovered, become famous.*
  • Let the music meet outdoors francepharmacie.fr.

* Please don’t quit your day job!

There is a reason we’ve called this year’s Rendezvous the Rendezvous Experience. From exploring Seattle’s best outdoor spaces to top-notch educational tracks and networking to music moguls to retail geniuses dedicated to conservation you won’t find a better opportunity to benefit your business — a short week with payoff in the long term. If you have not registered, please do so today. A networking night out with a music icon in one of the most interactive music spaces on the planet that also happens to be located in one of the greatest outdoor cities in America? Well, that’s reason enough.