5 Things You Need to Know About the Higg Index and Why You Should Register NOW

Developed by the industry for the industry, the Higg Index is the flagship sustainability tool.

By Nikki Hodgson October 18, 2016

Sustainable business is about asking, “How can we do this better?” It’s about working together on shared challenges and asking the questions that drive innovation, environmental responsibility and positive contributions to the communities from which we source, in which we manufacture, and to which we sell. The Higg Index is the tool to help the outdoor industry ask those questions and work together to find solutions.

What, exactly, is the Higg Index?

Here are five reasons you should sign your company up for a Higg.org account today.

  • Higg Index simplifies sustainability. Global supply chains are complex, and figuring out where to focus your efforts can be overwhelming and expensive. Trying to do so alone has led more than a few companies to analysis paralysis. The Higg Index helps you take the analysis one step at a time to figure out what matters and how to measure it.
  • Higg Index protects you from unseen gaps. Don’t get blindsided by the social and environmental risks in your supply chain. The Higg Index not only helps you identify those risks, it can help you proactively turn them into opportunities for innovation.
  • Higg Index is a one-stop shop. With this single, comprehensive tool for measuring and communicating your environmental and social performance, you can say goodbye to DIY approaches and conflicting software tools.
  • Higg Index puts you out front. Whether you’re a brand, supplier or retailer, the entire industry is converging around a common approach for quantifying and improving environmental and social performance. Wouldn’t you rather be a leader than a follower? Don’t get left behind.
  • Higg Index has legs. Data collected from the Higg Index will allow our industry to take the next step of creating consumer-facing product labels with scores that communicate and certify sustainability under a single standard.

Are you ready for what’s on the horizon? Find out today for free. Still have questions about the Higg Index? Read our FAQs to learn more.