Outdoor Recreation Economy Social Toolkit

April 25, 2017

Outdoor recreation is an economic powerhouse. It generates $887 billion in consumer spending and employs 7.6 million Americans. As one of the country’s largest economic sectors, the outdoor industry needs advocates to promote and protect policies that help outdoor recreation thrive. Help us get the word out. Share the Outdoor Recreation Economy report with your elected officials and tell them that your community depends on the outdoor recreation economy.

Hashtag: #ThriveOutside

Report: bit.ly/2pHgzD7

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MESSAGING: Use the copy below for your Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter posts. Or, share a specific example of how outdoor recreation has helped your community. Be sure to tag Outdoor Industry Association in your posts and include the hashtag and call-to-action.

Facebook/LinkedIn: Do your elected officials realize how big the outdoor recreation economy is? Tell them it’s HUGE. $887 billion in consumer spending. 7.6 million American jobs. Send them Outdoor Industry Association’s latest Outdoor Recreation Economy report, and encourage them to support this powerful industry. bit.ly/2pHgzD7 #ThriveOutside

Facebook/LinkedIn: DYK outdoor recreation is an $887 billion industry that employs 7.6 million Americans? Help us advocate for the outdoors and share Outdoor Industry Association’s Outdoor Recreation Economy report with your elected officials so we can all #ThriveOutside. bit.ly/2pHgzD7

Twitter: 7.6M jobs depend on outdoor recreation. Read & share @OIA’s report with policymakers so we can #ThriveOutside. bit.ly/2pHgzD7

Twitter: Outdoor recreation fuels local economies & communities. Let’s help each other #ThriveOutside. Read & share: bit.ly/2pHgzD7

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