Tweet President Trump to Stop Attacking America’s Public Lands

President Trump has ordered the reduction and fracturing of Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monuments, repealing protections for more than two million acres of public lands. This action ignores millions of Americans and hundreds of businesses who have communicated to his administration that this decision hurts local communities, harms local jobs, threatens Utah’s $12.3 billion outdoor recreation economy, and undermines our American heritage.

Please fill out the form below to tweet about this decision to your members of Congress and President Trump or you can your elected officials today and let them know you oppose this decision and ask them to support America’s public lands.

You can use the tweets below as examples, cut and paste all the handles into one tweet, or create your own message. We have also included talking points if you would like to call the offices.

@ the decision to fracture America’s national monuments is a direct threat to communities, economies, and our American heritage.
@ the $887 billion outdoor recreation economy relies on our public lands. Tearing apart American monuments is detrimental to businesses and American families.
@ tearing apart America’s public lands is detrimental to the $887 billion outdoor recreation economy and the 7.6 million American jobs it supports.
@ dismantling Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante ignores the voice of millions of Americans and hundreds of businesses. Weakness on protecting our monuments goes against America’s heritage and history.
@ the decision to dismantle America’s national monuments disregards comments from 3 million Americans who wrote to the administration in support of the preservation of our public lands.

You can also help by joining other leaders in the outdoor industry at the 2018 OIA Capitol Summit to let your elected officials know, in person, the important role of our public lands to the $887 billion outdoor recreation industry.