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Made in America Working Group

OIA Made in America Working Group

The OIA Made in America Working Group is made up of 200 companies and was established in 2009 to provide a forum for outdoor companies who manufacture in the United States to connect, share resources and communicate their needs and challenges to OIA. For more information regarding the showcase or joining the Made in America Working Group, please contact Andrew Pappas at

Value of Made in America

made in americaThe American spirit – adventure, entrepreneurialism, and an appreciation for our heritage – all drive the outdoor industry. These same values reflect the spirit of the outdoor industry and are embodied by domestic manufacturers. “Made in the U.S.A.” is more than just a label; it is a lifestyle, a tie to our vivid outdoor history. Domestic manufacturing has evolved with the industry to meet many of the needs of consumers while supporting local economies and staying true to the values of the industry. U.S. manufacturing makes business sense. It drives consumers and they, in turn, are taking a more active interest in where the products they purchase are sourced and how they are made. 30 percent of U.S. outdoor consumers are willing to pay more for products that are “Made in the U.S.A.” They understand that by purchasing these products, they are helping support American companies who are committed to a revival of U.S. manufacturing.

Made in America: Back to the Future Product Showcase ~ Outdoor Retailer Summer Market

bindingsThe outdoor industry continues to evolve and diversify in an increasingly global economy. This evolution is represented in “Made in the U.S.A.” outdoor products. OIA and Outdoor Retailer have partnered once again to bring the Made in America Product Showcase to Outdoor Retailer Summer Market. This showcase features some of the great apparel, footwear, and gear being created in communities across the United States and is designed to educate retailers, exhibitors, and all show attendees about the benefits of U.S. manufacturing and the progress domestic manufacturing has made over the years.

Check out the map below to learn more about the brands showcasing at Outdoor Retailer Summer Market. View the individual products that will be showcased here.

Map of Made in America products in our showcase