Supply Chain Transparency

As sourcing and manufacturing become more complex and consumers want to know more about the origin of products and services, transparency is becoming increasingly important for supply chains.

With increasing risks and disruptions to global sourcing and product production, evaluating and providing visibility throughout your supply chain is a critical component of business strategy and one that will enable you to balance operational objectives with reputational risks.

The more you know about your supply chain, the less likely you are to be blindsided by disruptions, legislation or fair labor violations.

Key Priorities and Initiatives

  • The OIA Sustainability Working Group, whose scope of work includes chemicals management, materials traceability, social responsibility, and product indexing, is committed to developing tools and resources that help companies better monitor their supply chains and increase transparency
  • The OIA Materials Traceability Working Group, in partnership with Textile Exchange, is focused on the development and promotion of standards and guidance documents that help companies increase traceability throughout their supply chain
  • Industry adoption of the Higg Index 2.0 Web Tool, an indicator based assessment tool for apparel and footwear products designed to assess environmental sustainability performance and highlight areas for improvement.