2018 Annual Report: Sustainability

Together We Are A Force for Sustainability

In 2018, we released the first-ever State of Sustainability In the Outdoor Industry Report to showcase the outdoor industry’s 10+ years of leadership in sustainable business and supply chain management via the OIA Sustainability Working Group. The comprehensive report benchmarks the industry’s collective efforts, allows companies to see how they compare to other companies of their size and measures the industry-wide adoption of OIA’s tools.

We continued to add to the collection of resources in 2018 by launching the OIA Sustainability Boot Camp series, designed to help small- to mid-sized brands with limited to no dedicated sustainability staff or expertise to accelerate sustainability improvements and meet (or exceed) customer expectations. Finally, in 2018, OIA was honored to sign the UN Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action. 

Here’s a snapshot of what we were able to achieve in 2018.

Sustainability Work by the Numbers