Outdoor Industry Association 2017 Annual Report

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Outdoor Industry Association
2017 Annual Report

2017 was a year of collaboration for Outdoor Industry Association (OIA). We welcomed more than 300 new members while striving to serve our longtime members and supporters. Alongside our members, we worked to protect public lands, clean up supply chains and get more kids outside through our philanthropic arm, the Outdoor Foundation. Together we are a force!

  • Policy

    Still reeling from a surprise election outcome in November of 2016, we entered 2017 simultaneously realistic of impending uncertainties with the incoming administration and hopeful and resolute that we could address the challenges. Here’s a snapshot of what we were able to achieve.

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  • Sustainable Business Innovation

    We kicked off 2017 with a big 10-year anniversary celebration for the OIA Sustainability Working Group. We also added an amazing team member, hosted another successful Sustainable Insights Conference and kept getting more companies involved with the world’s leading supply chain management tool, the Higg Index.

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  • Participation

    Outdoor Participation has never been better or in better hands than it is with the Outdoor Foundation. In 2017, OIA’s philanthropic arm, the Outdoor Foundation had a celebratory Outsider’s Ball and the biggest Outdoor Nation Campus Challenge ever. We capped the year off by hiring a new executive director.

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  • Together We Are A Force

    “Together we are a force” is OIA’s motto because we truly believe that the path to success for the outdoor industry is built on the collaborative work you do with us. OIA’s together we are a force campaign is about telling the stories of collaborative work that spark innovation or progress. We hope you’ll read more and be inspired.

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  • Events

    Through the Skip Yowell Future Leadership Academy, This Land Is Your Land March for Public Lands, Capitol Summit, Telluride Climate Leadership Summit and OIA @ Outdoor Retailer events, OIA provided a platform for meaningful change and topical and diverse educational tracks on trade and recreation policy, the recreation economy, sustainability and research.

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  • Research

    In 2017, we released the OIA Outdoor Recreation Economy, ConsumerVue Path to Purchase and 2017 Outdoor Recreation Participation Reports. Click below to check out the reports.

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  • Membership

    For all of its ups and downs, 2017 prove that without a doubt the outdoor industry is a force! Outdoorists everywhere showed up to fight for public lands what they believe in. The OIA staff is incredibly grateful for the support of our members. We couldn’t move the needle on important issues without your calls, your letters, your support and all of your dedication to getting the hard work done.

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Together We Are a Force
Be a force for the Outdoor Industry.

Outdoor Industry Association is a force for our members and the greater industry in the areas of policy, sustainability and outdoor participation, all while providing services and discounts that help our members’ bottom lines.

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Meet Our Staff & Board

Meet the amazing people behind the scenes here at Outdoor Industry Association. We have an incredibly talented and passionate group of experts who are proud to make a difference in the outdoor industry doing work they love. In 2017,we enthusiastically welcomed Lise Aangeenbrug the new executive director of the Outdoor Foundation, OIA’s philanthropic arm.