OIA 2014 Annual Report

Ensuring the growth and success of the outdoor industry

Powerful voice
We create a powerful voice at the federal, state and local levels for policies that provide protection of spaces for outdoor recreation

We convene the industry on key issues that protect the health of our outdoor businesses

Research and educate
We research and educate on important business topics and changing industry trends

Inspire and activate
We inspire and activate a new generation of outdoor enthusiasts

Letter From the Board Chair

Don’t look back. Any track coach will tell you that the key to a successful exchange is to keep moving forward. As I prepare to pass the baton to my successor, incoming board chair Gordon Seabury, I’m proud to be approaching the exchange with such positive energy.

I believe OIA’s successes in 2014 combined with a reevaluation of our priorities have helped us to establish a firm foundation for moving ahead and given us tremendous momentum. In the past year, we have put a more intentional focus on increasing the value of your OIA membership through our consumer insights initiatives, our work in government affairs and corporate responsibility and collaborative efforts with other organizations designed to improve the vitality of our industry. We have also started a comprehensive review of our membership records in an effort to make certain that the right people in our member organizations are getting the information they need directly.

As I look ahead, we have three projects launching in 2015 that are particularly exciting and I believe will have immediate and measurable impacts for your day-to-day business and in the years to come.

ConsumerVue: In 2014, we conducted an outdoor consumer segmentation study in order to better understand how the general U.S. population defines “outdoor” recreation and how they play. The study revealed overlapping but distinct consumer segments with different motivations, hindrances, desires, expectations and behaviors. We have begun and will continue to roll out the results of the study via our digital research tool, ConsumerVue.

Website: We’ve overhauled our approach to delivering news and insights that are unique to our membership and that you can’t find anywhere else. Our new website brings to life the challenges, opportunities, best practices, sobering lessons and inspiring achievements of you and your peers. It’s stories of the outdoor people, by the outdoor people, for the outdoor people.

Close to Home: “Outdoorsy” is no longer the exclusive domain of guys hauling 80-pound packs up steep mountain faces or through the backcountry. Casting a fly into the stream behind your office, visiting a local park or going for a 30-minute trail run are every bit as "real." From the profusion of urban parks to improved bicycle commuting programs, there are more opportunities than ever for people to play outside. Through our close-to-home collaboration with Outdoor Alliance and Conservation Alliance, we have a loud and persuasive voice in the fight to protect our nation’s recreation from your backyard to the backcountry.

OIA is a member organization at its core. The association is here to ask you what you want to know, need to know and to facilitate conversations and develop resources that will deliver an answer. Reach out to the OIA staff and board members, engage in a working group and attend Capitol Summit and Rendezvous. In doing so, you’ll contribute to the legacy of collaboration that has made OIA an invaluable resource for nearly three decades. It is this resource that will help make our industry healthier and our businesses stronger for decades to come.

Thank you for giving me the honor of serving as your board chair.


Jennifer Mull
OIA Board Chair
Backwoods, CEO

Founded in 1989 by leaders of 14 companies who recognized that “outdoor” was more than just a passing consumer trend and, therefore, required an organization dedicated to the preservation and promotion of their industry, Outdoor Industry Association (OIA) began as the Outdoor Recreation Coalition of America (ORCA).

The original name included the word “coalition” because these founding members knew that to be effective, outdoor as an industry needed to rally together the complete spectrum of outdoor members, from manufacturers to retailers, sales representatives to suppliers. Those founding members came together and leaned in to move this industry forward by sharing our passion, working through hard issues, and collaborating with peers to create the economic power that this industry is today. Just look how far we've come:


  • Formed the association and incorporated as Outdoor Recreation Coalition of America
  • Entered into an exclusive endorsement agreement with Outdoor Retailer
  • Held the first National Summit on Outdoor Recreation in Washington, D.C.
  • Hosted the first annual OIA Rendezvous


  • Led the movement to oppose and defeat the proposed Backpack Tax
  • Completed the outdoor industry's first Retail Distribution Study
  • Announced the support of the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF)
  • Released the first annual Outdoor Recreation Participation Study
  • Formed the Outdoor Industry Foundation (now called the Outdoor Foundation), a 501(c)(3), to focus on outdoor outreach initiatives


  • Changed name to Outdoor Industry Association (OIA)
  • Presented the first Friend of the Outdoor Industry Award for elected officials who support the outdoor industry
  • Received seed grant from REI to begin an industry-wide youth outreach initiative through the Outdoor Foundation
  • OIA's State of the Industry Report recognized as the best annual report from an association by ASAE
  • Hosted the first annual OIA Capitol Summit lobby event in Washington, D.C.
  • Launched the inaugural Industry Breakfast and educational sessions at Outdoor Retailer


  • Launched the OIA Trade Policy program
  • OIA Eco Working Group (now called Sustainability Working Group [SWG]) was formed, and sustainability became a strategic initiative of OIA
  • Eco Index tool was developed, with seed funding from Portland Development Commission
  • Renewed strategic partnership with Outdoor Retailer that more than doubles the annual investment in outdoor industry programs
  • Expanded Outdoor University educational sessions at Outdoor Retailer
  • In partnership with the Secretary of the Interior and the National Parks Conservation Association, passed the Centennial Initiative to protect the National Parks for the next 100 years
  • Formed the OIA Political Action Committee
  • Released the first Outdoor Recreation Economy Report


  • Eco Index tool was launched and SWG work expands into focused supply chain topic areas: chemicals management, materials traceability, and social responsibility
  • Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC) was formed, housing the Eco Index Tool (combined with a tool from Nike to form what is now known as the Higg Index), and supports Index adoption beyond the outdoor industry
  • Outdoor Foundation launched Outdoor Nation and Campus Challenge
  • The industry partied for a purpose (supporting the Outdoor Foundation's work) at the first Outsiders Ball
  • OIA SWG is recognized as a "Champion of Change" by the White House
  • Launched an expanded suite of market & consumer insights research and tools including a social media listening program, Trends Blog and trend reports
  • Completed the industry's first consumer segmentation study
  • Opened a policy office in Washington, D.C.

OIA’s government affairs team works to represent the interests of the outdoor industry in Washington, D.C., and communities across the country. We use the Outdoor Recreation Economy Report to inform policymakers and to promote the significant economic contribution made to our nation’s economy and the millions of jobs supported by our industry. We emphasize the tremendous economic and health benefits that are gained from investments in our industry—from ensuring funding for and access to public lands and waters, to business policies that promote the growth and success of the outdoor industry for future generations. We tell our industry’s story—that when you invest in the outdoor recreation industry, you invest in healthy communities and healthy economies.

The outdoor industry drives:

$646 billion in
retail sales and services

$80 billion in federal, state
and local tax revenues

6.1 million
American jobs

Source: OIA Recreation Economy Report, 2012

Outdoor recreation—such as hiking, biking, camping, hunting, fishing, paddling, snowsports and wildlife watching—is an American pastime and a powerful economic driver, providing sustainable, domestic jobs in urban and rural communities across America.

The OIA government affairs team advocates for U.S. recreation infrastructure—including public lands and waters provided by federal, state and local governments—to ensure that America’s national outdoor recreation system remains a crucial component of the U.S. economy and a resource for all who want to recreate outside.

In 2014:

We protected recreation destinations from the backyard to the backcountry

New Wilderness, Parks and Wild & Scenic Rivers legislation passed in the National Defense Authorization Act. We have been working on most of these bills for years with great partners like Outdoor Alliance and The Conservation Alliance. Places protected that OIA directly advocated for included Hermosa Creek in Colorado, Alpine Lakes in Washington and Columbine-Hondo in New Mexico.

The legislation:

  • created more than a dozen new national park expansions
  • protected 140 miles of rivers
  • protected 245,000 acres of wilderness

OIAPAC had 83 percent success rate with political contributions for the 2014 elections

The OIA government affairs team closely monitored dozens of races across the country, working with donors to the OIA Political Action Committee (OIAPAC) who give their personal dollars to support candidates who support the outdoor industry. We invested in a bipartisan slate of 17 congressional candidates who support the outdoor industry, providing outdoor industry executives the opportunity to deliver the message that supporting our industry in Congress makes good political and economic sense.

Of those 17 candidates, 15 won and two candidates, Senator Udall (D-CO) and Senator Hagan (R-NC), lost. Prior to the election, we prepared our first-ever election guide for our members, educating them on more than two dozen key House and Senate races that had a very real impact on our industry, and forecasted the results. After the election we sent membership a follow-up, post-election analysis, explaining key changes due to the Republicans controlling both chambers of Congress, as well as opportunities with committee leadership changes.

We celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) and Wilderness Act

With communications about the importance of these two programs and celebrating both their 50th anniversaries at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market, we also garnered 150 companies to sign on to a letter to Congress reiterating the importance of these programs and asking them to reauthorize and fully fund LWCF and use the Wilderness Act to continue to protect special places. These letters with company logos were sent to every member of Congress and continue to be used to show the outdoor industry’s support for these two critical pieces of legislation.

Advocating on public lands is important to the industry

Conrad Anker, recreation advocate and athlete for The North Face, on an expedition in the Bugaboos.

“Once elected, our senators, representatives and administration depend on public input to make informed decisions. Human-powered recreation on public land is as American as apple pie. We take it for granted; yet with the pressure of well-funded interests that expound values that run counter to the ethos of outdoor recreation, we need to make sure the benefits of wild places are understood. We all have a personal connection to a special place that influenced our view of the world. Gently reminding our public servants of this is one way I can give back to the land and animals that have shaped my life.”

– Conrad Anker, The North Face


OIA's trade program represents the diversity of our membership, including outdoor companies whose products are conceived, designed and produced in America, as well as those companies that utilize global value chains to bring their products to retail markets. From large companies to small, family-owned businesses, we work to ensure that U.S. federal trade policy fosters and promotes a stable and predictable environment for all outdoor industry businesses, while seeking to lower costs for outdoor businesses and their customers.

As such, OIA pursues a “balanced trade agenda,” meaning we seek the elimination of trade barriers, including tariffs on outdoor products that have no commercially viable production in the United States. For those products that are manufactured domestically, OIA supports federal policies that aid U.S. manufacturers and help them transition to competition in a global economy.

In 2014:

OIA gathered industry leaders to speak with Representative Jared Polis

OIA hosted a roundtable with Congressman Jared Polis (D-CO) to discuss his Rocky Mountain Recreation and Wilderness Preservation Act and the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). Companies discussed how they could hire more employees or could export with more competitive pricing if the negotiations proceed. Polis asked the industry to help pull the remainder of the Colorado delegation on board.

OIA-convened a public lands and international trade roundtable with Congressman Jared Polis (D-CO) at the Boulder, Colorado, REI store.

OIA protected industry priorities within the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)

Ten members of the House of Representatives signed a letter expressing support for the outdoor industry's priorities on apparel and footwear in the TPP negotiations.

Support was garnered for the U.S. OUTDOOR Act

Twenty-four representatives and senators expressed their support for OIA's signature piece of trade legislation that would eliminate import taxes on recreational performance outerwear—the U.S. OUTDOOR Act.

“OIA's balanced trade agenda, which encourages government programs and investments in support of companies that produce outdoor products in the U.S. while reducing disproportionately high tariffs on innovative outdoor products, will create American jobs while benefiting outdoor enthusiasts through the continual introduction of high-performing products at better prices.”

– Michael Ratchford, W.L. Gore



2014 Awards

Chairman's Award:

The Chairman’s Award is granted to individuals who have provided exemplary contributions to the outdoor industry.

Michael Collins, former Vice President of Public Affairs for REI


Friend of the Outdoor Industry Award:

The OIA Friend of the Outdoor Industry Award recognizes political leaders for their outstanding work that benefits all aspects of OIA’s policy agenda.

Gary Herbert, Governor of Utah

Advocacy Leadership Awards:

The OIA Advocacy Leadership Award recognizes an individual OIA member who has significantly contributed to the advancement of the OIA Policy Agenda and the outdoor industry’s stature in the public policy arena.

Michael Ratchford, Director of Government Affairs, W.L. Gore & Associates

Sutton Bacon, President and CEO, Nantahala Outdoor Center

Featured Advocates:

In addition to the OIA Advocacy Leadership Awards, OIA also recognizes those individuals who make an outstanding contribution to the advocacy arena at a regional level.

Marc Berejka, Director of Government Affairs, REI

Nick Brayton, President, Woolrich

Carolyn Brodsky, President, Sterling Rope

Tony Ferguson, Logistics Administrator, Patagonia, Inc.

Ashley Korenblat, President, Western Spirit Cycling

Ann Krcik, Director, Brand Communications & Outdoor Participation, The North Face

Sue Rechner, President, Confluence Outdoor

Ken Meidell, President & COO, Outdoor Research

Follow the GA team on Twitter:



Corporate Responsibility

The OIA corporate responsibility program continues to help the outdoor industry identify and implement best practices in environmental and social responsibility. We strive to:

  • Advance and adopt industry standards on environmental and social responsibility
  • Serve as the industry think tank (incubator, facilitator, developer and implementer) of innovative, thought-leading corporate responsibility initiatives
  • Articulate the business case for responsible business practices
  • Facilitate industry engagement with external stakeholders on corporate responsibility issues

Thanks to the member-driven efforts of the OIA Sustainability Working Group (OIA SWG), OIA has been able to focus the work in four key areas:

IN 2014:

OIA introduced the first Sustainability Insights Conference

In an effort to provide more opportunities for education, the Sustainability Insights Conference was launched during Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2014. Now a regular part of OIA SWG events at Outdoor Retailer, the conference convenes over 100 industry professionals to share best practices and industry trends around supply chain management, while identifying innovative ways to address shared challenges.  

OIA SWG released the Corporate Responsibility Topline Report

The first OIA Corporate Responsibility Topline Report was released in early 2014 and provides an overview of the history and focus of the Sustainability Working Group, as well as the individual achievements of issue-specific working groups and the numerous tools and resources available as a result of the group's work over the past eight years. A copy of the report can be found online here.

OIA SWG developed and launched new tools

The OIA SWG has continued to develop new tools and resources to help the broader industry move toward better business practices. In 2014, both the Rapid Design Module for Equipment and Phase Two of the Social Responsibility Toolkit were released and are currently available online. More details about both tools can be found here.  Additional tools such as the Chemicals Management Tools Resources Guide (supplement for the Chemicals Management Module), traceability standards for sourcing down and wool and other helpful resources have continued development.

2014 Individual Contribution Award recipients

The Individual Contribution Award is given out to professionals recognized for their dedication to the outdoor industry's social responsibility efforts.

  • Mary Bean, Corporate Responsibility, Columbia Sportswear
  • Cara Chacon, Director of Social & Environmental Responsibility, Patagonia
  • Steve Richardson, Director of Material Sustainability & Innovation, adidas

Follow the CR team on Twitter:



Education & Events

OIA provides year-round education via live and recorded webinars and onsite events that focus on a variety of topics that impact the outdoor industry, including retail innovation, consumer research, sustainability, recreation and trade policy, supply chain best practices and youth engagement. In 2014, OIA worked continually to deliver programs and services designed to share knowledge, stimulate innovation and support business success across the industry.

In 2014:

OIA hosted 48 outdoor industry executives at Capitol Summit

Outdoor industry executives represented their businesses and the industry to members of Congress and the Obama administration on issues that affect your bottom line. The Capitol Summit gives leaders the opportunity to discuss outdoor industry business issues—from ensuring all Americans have access to quality recreation systems at local, state and national levels to promoting U.S. trade policy that reflects a balance between outdoor companies with global value chains and those that make their products in the United States.


OIA members, board members and staff meet with Senator Angus King from Maine at the OIA Capitol Summit.

Secretary of the U.S. Department of the Interior Sally Jewell meets with OIA staff after keynoting the OIA Industry Breakfast at Outdoor Retailer Summer Market.


Eric Larsen, the Polar Explorer keynotes the Sustainability Insights Conference with a presentation about his expedition to the North Pole.

We continued our partnership with Outdoor Retailer for Winter Market and Summer Market

The largest outdoor products tradeshow in the world, Outdoor Retailer, is where orders are written, new accounts are found, connections are made and brands are launched.

From small shops and regional chains to the largest national and international dealers in every category, Outdoor Retailer attracts thousands of buyers and senior-level decision makers. If you’re involved with the outdoor industry, Outdoor Retailer is the place to be.

OIA once again hosted the Industry Breakfast that opened Outdoor Retailer Winter Market and Summer Market.

At Outdoor Retailer Winter Market, Secretary of the U.S. Department of the Interior Sally Jewell joined us as the keynote speaker to talk about the Obama administration's ambitious initiative to engage and employ youth on public lands, improve access and increase participation in outdoor recreation.

At Outdoor Retailer Summer Market, Peter Sheahan, founder & CEO of Changelabs, joined us to talk about creative strategies for turning challenge into opportunity and change into competitive advantage.

In addition to hosting the Industry Breakfast, OIA also presented 80 Outdoor University educational sessions to exhibitors, retailers and other show attendees at Outdoor Retailer Winter Market and Summer Market combined.

OIA presented 80 Outdoor University educational sessions at Outdoor Retailer Winter Market and Summer Market

Outdoor University provided live and on-demand workshops, led by industry experts, that focused on six key categories: retail innovation, research, sustainability, best practices, trade and supply chains and current issues.


OIA members brainstorm solutions to top industry challenges during the "Learn. Connect. Innovate." session at Rendezvous 2014.


OIA Members pull a tractor tire from the French Broad River during the Service Project Sponsored by Timberland at the 2014 Rendezvous.

OIA welcomed 275 attendees to Rendezvous, the annual leadership and education conference for the outdoor industry

This year's Rendezvous was in Asheville, NC, where participants gathered for networking, education and collaboration, including topics on innovation, technology, consumers and industry trends. Attendees also took part in the 16th annual Service Project Sponsored by Timberland where they cleaned up the French Broad River and enhanced the banks by cleaning brush and installing picnic tables and bike racks for the local community to enjoy.

Keynotes included:

  • Kill the Company: End the Status Quo, Start and Innovation Revolution
    Lisa Bodell, Founder & CEO, FutureThink
  • This Changes Everything—What Are the “New” Rules of Business?
    Mike Lipkin, President, Lipkin/Environics
  • Redefining Leadership: What Highly Effective Leaders Do
    Dr. JP Pawliw-Fry, President and Co-Founder, IHHP
  • Omni-Channel Commerce in the Outdoor Industry: Where Are You in This Revolution?
    Mark Lavelle, SVP, Product & Strategy, eBay Enterprise
  • Looking into the Crystal Ball: What Does the Future of the Outdoor Industry Hold?
    Marshal Cohen, Chief Industry Analyst, NPD Group – Sports and Leisure Trends

“Through events and educational sessions, OIA does an incredible job of bringing the industry together to explore how we pave our collective path forward.”

– Jason McGibbon, Yakima

“The annual Service Project at Rendezvous offers a wonderful opportunity to give back to the outdoor community we all love. We were excited to have OIA in our backyard this year, organizing a clean-up of the French Broad River.”

– Sutton Bacon, Nantahala Outdoor Center



Rendezvous attendees enjoy meeting new friends and catching up with old ones at the beautiful Grove Park Inn in Asheville, NC.

Market & Consumer Insight

The outdoor industry is facing fundamental changes unlike anything it has seen before. To ensure a vibrant future for outdoor, the industry needs to identify what new generations of consumers want and create opportunities to connect in ways that are relevant to them. The OIA market & consumer insights team works tirelessly to stay on top of these macro-level trends, as well as those impacting the outdoor industry specifically.

In 2014:

OIA completed an industry-wide consumer segmentation study

In order to stay competitive in this ever-changing marketplace, we help our members understand not only WHAT new consumers are doing, but also WHY they are doing it. What's motivating them? Why are they acting the way they are? And how can OIA members use that information to benefit their businesses? The results of this study are brought to life in the OIA ConsumerVue tool and subsequent products in 2015.

Two social media listening reports were published

These reports offer a deeper look into consumer-generated online discussions around key topics and identify the implications and impacts on outdoor. Topics were:

OIA launched bi-weekly Social Buzz™ communications

Social Buzz emails are member-focused, bi-weekly communications featuring insights and metrics on key topics trending in social media conversations.

Topics of these emails include:

  • Crowdfunding
  • 3D Printing
  • Pop Up Retail
  • Parkour
  • Farfetch.com
  • Activewear
  • Couponing
  • Collaboration
  • Under Armour
  • Augmented Reality
  • Subscription Model
  • Daybreaker Parties
  • Fun Runs
  • CrossFit
  • Winter Biking
  • PETA Wool

The Trends Blog was started

Part curated and part original content, the Trends Blog features posts around four primary themes of importance to the outdoor industry: technology, retail, diversity and lifestyle. 

OIA began publishing the Market & Consumer Insights Newsletter

The e-newsletter highlights information and key findings from OIA's market & consumer insights department, all in one convenient monthly digest.

OIA continued to explore ways to provide the most comprehensive view of the outdoor market

We started re-evaluating our market insights offerings to determine how best to serve the industry with the changing landscape of retail and consumer shopping behavior.

Data dashboards highlighting economic indicators were published

Dashboards with key economic indicators are available on the OIA website.

“OIA provides leading insights into consumer and industry trends that help us with our strategic planning.”

– Frank Kvietok, American Rec

“Market and consumer research from OIA helps us stay on top of evolving market dynamics and consumer trends so we can adapt our product lines and sales approach to reach our consumers.”

– Fletcher White, Pro Guide Direct


OIA helps members piece together insights and trends to better understand the outdoor consumer

Social media listening uncovers what your consumers are saying online

Outdoor Foundation

Activating a new generation of outdoor enthusiasts and consumers is one of the most pressing issues facing the outdoor industry today. As the philanthropic arm of OIA, the Outdoor Foundation works to ensure our future health by investing in great community and campus programs that help young people recreate outside.

In 2014:

Outdoor Nation Campus challenge got 9,000 people outside

To activate the influential college market, Outdoor Foundation piloted the Outdoor Nation Campus Challenge. Over eight weeks, 10 universities across the country competed to see which school could get the most people outside. By all accounts, the program was a success with nearly 9,000 people logging more than 43,000 outdoor activities.

$400,000 in grants were given to community projects for urban outreach and youth engagement

In one of our most exciting new initiatives, Outdoor Foundation worked with the National Park Service to award nearly $400,000 to community projects that promote urban outreach and youth engagement with the outdoors. Through this and other partnerships, Outdoor Foundation has become one of the largest grant makers supporting not-for-profit organizations that engage youth in outdoor recreation.

Outsiders Ball raised grant money for 100 community and campus projects

The 2nd annual Outsiders Ball brought together 1,000 industry leaders on one night to support one common cause. The result: we awarded grants to 100 community and campus projects that have connected 25,000 people with outdoor activities.

Our People


OIA Staff

Our team consists of incredibly talented and passionate people who are proud to make a difference in the outdoors by doing work that they love.


Steve Barker

Interim Executive Director

Karen McNamee

Executive Assistant

Government Affairs

Alexander Boian

Senior Director of Government Affairs

Jessica Wahl

Policy Advisor (Recreation)

Rich Harper

Policy Advisor (Trade)

Corporate Responsibility

Beth Jensen

Director of Corporate Responsibility

Nikki Hodgson

Corporate Responsibility Coordinator

Finance & Operations

Lori Herrera

Chief Financial Officer

Cindy Haddox


Adele Sparkman

Staff Accountant

Matt Hicks

Salesforce/CRM Administrator

Marketing, Communications & Membership

Jennifer Pringle

VP of Marketing & Communications

Gareth Martins

Marketing Manger

Lindsay Sutula

Marketing Manager

Jenn Brunson

Digital Marketing Manager

Mehri Russo

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Katie Boué

Social Media Coordinator

Ingrid Malmberg

Director of Membership

Donanlee Jones

Membership Coordinator

Research, Education & Events

Christie Hickman

VP of Market & Consumer Insights

Samantha Searles

Director of Consumer Insights

Lorna Caputo

Market Insights Manager

Michelle Biersner

Director of Education & Events

Brehan McDonough

Education & Events Manager

The Outdoor Foundation

Chris Fanning

Executive Director

Ivan Levin

Senior Director of Programs & Outdoor Nation

Stasia Raines

Director of Marketing & Communications

Ryan Lauer

Development Manager

In 2014, we were able to create one full-time and one part-time posititon at OIA and one full-time position at the Outdoor Foundation:

Marketing Manager - OIA
Part-time Social Media Coordinator - OIA
Development Manager - OF


Board of Directors

The OIA board is composed of a strong and diverse representation of the industry we serve. Our directors are highly engaged industry professionals who work with passion and dedication to help individuals get outside and explore the outdoors. Below are the executive committee of the board and board directors from 2014.

Executive Committee

Jennifer Mull

Backwoods Equipment, CEO

Gordon Seabury

Toad&Co., CEO

David Labistour

Mountain Equipment Co-op, CEO

Travis Campbell

Far Bank Enterprises, President & CEO

Sue Rechner

Confluence Outdoor, CEO


Todd Bradley

C4 Waterman, Co-Founder

Peter Bragdon

Columbia Sportswear Company, Senior Vice President of Legal and Corporate Affairs

Carolyn Brodsky

Sterling Rope Co., Inc., President

Darren Bush

Rutabaga Paddlesports, Owner

Fred Clark

Thule, CEO

Darrel Denny

Emerald Expositions, SVP

Bob Holding

Waypoint Outdoor, Co-Founder

Joy Howard

Patagonia, Global VP of Marketing

Mike Joyce

PrimaLoft, Inc., President & CEO

Scott Kerslake

prAna, CEO

David Kulow

All Terrain (Rosemont Ventures, Inc.), President

John Lacy

Burton Corporation, EVP Global Product & North American Sales

Jill Layfield

Backcountry.com, President & CEO

Ed McAlister

River Sports Outfitters, Owner

Mark Satkiewicz

SmartWool, President & General Manager

Ed Schmults

Wild Things, LLC, CEO

Nora Stowell

Amer Sports, VP of Sales

Catherine Walker

REI, Senior Vice President & General Counsel

Kim Walker

outdoor DIVAS, Founder & President

Jim Zwiers

Wolverine World Wide, Inc., SVP & President-International


Outdoor Industry Association's financial position remains strong, with increasing revenues and a positive bottom line. Overall, 2014 revenue increased 4 percent over 2013 revenue with dues revenue, increasing by 3 percent. The number of member companies increased from 1,258 to 1,281.

Thank you for another successful year. We appreciate your support, the faith you put in our staff and partners and the passion you have for the great outdoors.