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Materials Traceability

Working Group Chair

  • Anne Gillespie, Textile Exchange
  • Steve Richardson, Manager of Material Sustainability and Innovation, Adidas

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The MTWG is open to all companies within the global outdoor industry supply chain. For more information or to join the Materials Traceability Working Group, please email sustainability@outdoorindustry.org.

Content Claim Standard

Download the Content Claim Standard background document and implementation guide if you're a brand or supplier who wants to be able to verify that your content claims are accurate.  Learn more about the Content Claim Standard


Download the Organic Content Standard


Download the Recycled Claim Standard


The Materials Traceability Working Group (MTWG) formed in early 2012 to establish traceability systems and standards for specific raw material supply chains. The MTWG focuses on traceability, defined as the ability to verify claims about raw materials. This can include use of third-party chain of custody audits and/or supply chain tools.

The MTWG is a collaborative effort between Outdoor Industry Association (OIA) and Textile Exchange (TE).

  • OIA contributes open and transparent collaboration platforms, bringing a critical mass of stakeholders together to take action to address issues important to the outdoor industry and beyond.
  • TE convenes broad groups that cross industries and sectors to provide information and education to a wide constituency and to be a steward of open and transparent standards for products and industries.

The initial focus of the MTWG is examining the down, woolorganic content, and recycled materials supply chains and creating the Content Claim Standard. Future supply chains that the MTWG may examine include:

  • Leather
  • Conflict Minerals
  • Biopolymers
  • Bamboo
Materials Transparency Work Group Structure


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