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Manufacturer Benchmarking Report 2011

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The Manufacturer Benchmarking Report 2011 presents a detailed, straightforward analysis of the financial and operating characteristics and compensation practices of 61 participating outdoor product manufacturers.  Click here for a topline handout on the report.

Among the 61 participating firms, financial performance varied widely in 2010. The results show that the typical firm generated sales of $9,577,185 and a pre-tax profit of 4.6 percent. More sales did not always translate into higher profits, though, as sales for the typical high-profit firm were $4,630,000, with a profit of 16.7 percent. Of greatest consequence, the typical firm had an 8.7 percent pre-tax return on assets (ROA is profit before taxes expressed as a percentage of total assets) while the typical high-profit firm generated an ROA of 36.7 percent.



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