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SSI VantagePoint

Comprehensive visibility into the outdoor marketplace, tracking weekly point-of-sales data from more than 10,000 retail doors and websites that carry outdoor products. Learn more

OIA VantagePoint Service Update

Beginning on January 1, 2015 OIA members will need to work directly with SportsOneSource Group to set up continued access for VantagePoint category-level data services. The SportsOneSource Group and OIA have entered into an agreement that will result in SportsOneSource taking full control and ownership of the VantagePoint retail point-of-sale data-reporting platform.

SportsOneSource will provide complimentary access to VantagePoint category-level data for OIA retail and vendor Members through March 31, 2015. To find out more details, see the frequently asked questions.

Data Dashboard

At-a-glance insight into key measures relevant to the outdoor industry.  Monthly outdoor product sales and analysis, a monthly briefing on a critical consumer trend, key economic indicators and more. Learn more

The outdoor industry is facing fundamental changes unlike anything it has seen before. There is a new generation of consumers emerging who perceive the outdoors differently from the industry’s historical customers and want to engage with it in far more diverse ways. To ensure a vibrant future for outdoor, the industry needs to recognize what new generations of consumers want and create opportunities to connect in ways that are relevant to them and their lifestyles.

To meet the challenge, OIA’s Market & Consumer Insights team has developed a suite of products to help our members understand not only WHAT consumers are doing, but WHY they are doing it. What’s motivating them? What’s turning them on...or off? And how can OIA members use that information to benefit their businesses?


Built on findings from Outdoor Industry Association's 2014 outdoor consumer segmentation study, ConsumerVue is an interactive tool that brings the unique segments of outdoor consumers to life, helps you identify which are most relevant to your business and provides guidelines for applying these insights to business opportunities. Learn more »

Social Media Listening Reports

Each quarter, a Social Media Listening Report will provide a deeper look into emerging consumer topics and trends of relevance for the outdoor industry. Get the Reports »

Trends Blog

Join the conversation in this new forum and stay informed about consumer and market trends happening in the marketplace that impact the outdoor industry. The blog will feature curated and original content around four primary themes of importance to outdoor: technology, retail, diversity and lifestyle. Visit the Blog »

Outdoor Retail of the Future

Outdoor Retail of the Future consumers outside of the core are redefining "outdoors" on their own terms. As consumers outside of the core redefine "outdoors" on their own terms, outdoor product retailers must embrace change or risk becoming irrelevant to a new generation of shoppers. We have the resources you need to kickstart your own innovation efforts and help reinvent the outdoor retail experience. Learn more »

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Learn about the latest trends and insights impacting outdoor industry businesses and their customers.

  • Social Buzz™ Emails: Get insight into consumer conservations with OIA’s Social Buzz email. Published every two weeks, Social Buzz will capture the latest consumer insights revealed through conversation in social media and deliver them straight to your inbox.
  • Market and Consumer Insights Newsletter: Once a month, the Market and Consumer Insights email newsletter will highlight information and key findings from OIA’s Market and Consumer Insights Department, all in one convenient digest. The Insights newsletter will include summaries of featured social insights and trends, case studies highlighting innovation in outdoor and other industries, monthly retail sales update, and status on current OIA Insights projects and events.


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